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El de la película de “Friends”


Ya sé, ya sé, he faltado a mi promesa de actualizar todos los
días pero es que como tengo que pelearme con esto cada vez
que quiero actualizar pues ya paso y actualizo en mi Lj. Estaba
planteándome el poner un cartel de “cerrado por vacaciones”
pero por si acaso aparecían noticias interesantes o importantes
pues lo dejé sin más…. Y hoy es el día, este es el momento de
poner La Noticia y es que…..


Podeis leer la noticia AQUÍ

Ooohhh Diooos Míoooooo
no sabéis lo feliz que soy ahora mismo!!!!!!

Pues aquí tiro la piedra, volveré algún día con otra noticia


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Q3: Differences between some specialized terms

Here you can see the difference between: machine translation, machine
aided translation (aka Computer-assisted translation) and translation
technology (aka Translation)

Machine translation, sometimes referred to by the abbreviation
MT, is a sub-field of computational linguistics that investigates
the use of computer software to translate text or speech from one
natural language to another. At its basic level, MT performs
simple substitution of words in one natural language for words
in another. Using corpus techniques, more complex translations
may be attempted, allowing for better handling of differences in
linguistic typology, phrase recognition, and translation of idioms,
as well as the isolation of anomalies.
Current machine translation software often allows for customisation
by domain or profession (such as weather reports) — improving
output by limiting the scope of allowable substitutions. This technique
is particularly effective in domains where formal or formulaic
language is used. It follows then that machine translation of
government and legal documents more readily produces usable output
than conversation or less standardised text.


Computer-assisted translation,computer-aided translation, or
CAT is a form of translation wherein a human translator translates
texts using computer software designed to support and facilitate the
translation process.
Computer-assisted translation is sometimes called machine-assisted,
or machine-aided.

Translation is the action of interpretation of the meaning of a text,
and subsequent production of an equivalent text, also called a translation,
that communicates the same message in another language. The text to be
translated is called the source text, and the language it is to be translated
into is called the target language; the final product is sometimes called the
“target text.”
Translation must take into account constraints that include context, the rules
of grammar of the two languages, their writing conventions, and their idioms.
A common misconception is that there exists a simple word-for-word
correspondence between any two languages, and that translation is a
straightforward mechanical process. A word-for-word translation does not
take into account context, grammar, conventions, and idioms.

Reference page

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Q3: Five translaion examples

We have the same text taken from HERE, in
spanish, in five different languages:


Serie sobre un antipático médico especializado en
enfermedades infecciosas. Gregory House es,
seguramente, el mejor medico del Hospital, pero su
carácter, rebeldía y su honestidad con los pacientes
y su equipo le hacen único. Prefiere evitar el contacto
directo con los pacientes, le interesa por encima de todo
la investigación de las enfermedades. Además de no
cumplir las normas, se niega a ponerse la bata de médico.
Es adicto a los calmantes y a las series de hospitales,
¿contradictorio? No, es House.


Series on a unpleasant doctor specialized in infectious
diseases. Gregory House is, surely, the best medico of
the Hospital, but their character, revolt and its honesty
with the patients and their equipment him make only. It
prefers to avoid the direct bonding with the patients,
interests to him over all the investigation of the diseases.
In addition to not fulfilling the norms, one refuses to put
the doctor dressing gown. He is addict to the tranquilizers
and the series of hospitals, contradictory? No, it is House.


Une série sur un médecin antipathique spécialisé en
maladies infectieuses. Gregory House est, sûrement,
le meilleur médecin de l’Hôpital, mais son caractère,
une révolte et son honnêteté avec les patients et ils(elles)
lui font son équipe(équipement) unique. Il(elle) préfère
éviter le contact direct avec les patients, l’investigation
des maladies lui intéresse au-dessus de tout. En plus de ne
pas accomplir les normes, il(elle) se refuse à mettre la robe
de chambre de médecin. Il est fidèle aux calmants et aux
séries d’hôpitaux: contradictoire ? Non, c’est House.


Sèrie sobre un antipàtic metge especialitzat en
malalties infeccioses. Gregory House és,
segurament, el millor medico de l’Hospital, però el seu
caràcter, rebel·lia i la seva honestedat amb els pacients
i el seu equip li fan únic. Prefereix evitar el contacte
directe amb els pacients, li interessa per damunt de tot
la investigació de les malalties. A més de no
complir les normes, es nega a posar-se la bata de metge.
És addicte als calmants i a les sèries d’hospitals,
contradictori? No, és House.


Reihe auf einem unangenehmen Doktor spezialisierte sich
auf ansteckende Krankheiten. Gregory Haus ist sicher der
beste Doktor des Krankenhauses, aber ihr Buchstabe,
Aufruhr und seine Ehrlichkeit mit den Patienten und ihren
Geräten, die er nur herstellt. Es zieht es vor, das direkte
Abbinden mit den Patienten, Interessen zu ihm zu vermeiden
überschuß die ganze Untersuchung der Krankheiten. Zusätzlich
zur Erfüllung nicht der Normen, lehnt man ab, den Doktor
Hausmantel zu setzen. Er ist Süchtiger zu den Beruhigungsmitteln
und zur Reihe der Krankenhäuser, unvereinbar? Nr., ist es Haus.

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Q3: Main characteristics of the Translation Task by FEMTI

The Framework for Machine Translation Evaluation
is a resource that helps MT evaluators define
contextual evaluation plans. FEMTI consists of two
interrelated classifications or taxonomies: the first one
lists possible characteristics of the contexts of use that
are applicable to MT systems. The second one lists the
possible characteristics of an MT system, along with the
metrics that were proposed to measure them.

Evaluators using FEMTI specify the intended context of use
for an MT system using the first classification, and submit it
to FEMTI. In return, FEMTI proposes a set of quality
characteristics that are relevant to that context, using its
embedded knowledge base. Evaluators can modify this set of
quality characteristics and select evaluation metrics for each
of them, by browsing the second classification. Evaluators can
then print the evaluation plan and execute the evaluation.

The main characteristics of the translation task are:

  • Assimilation: The ultimate purpose of the assimilation task
    (of which translation forms a part) is to monitor a (relatively)
    large volume of texts produced by people outside the
    organization, in (usually) several languages.
  • Dissemination: The ultimate purpose of dissemination is to
    deliver to others a translation of documents produced inside
    the organization.
  • Communication: The ultimate purpose of the communication
    task is to support multi-turn dialogues between people who speak
    different languages. The translation quality must be high enough
    for painless conversation, despite possible syntactically ill-formed
    input and idiosyncratic word and format usage.

Reference page

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Mi primer fanvid Maddison!


Por fin he conseguido hacer un video Maddison (Mark y Addison
de Greys Anatomy). Os lo dejo aquí para que lo veais!! La canción
es “All out of love” de Air Supply, es preciosa..y tan Maddie…

Espero que os guste ^^

Pinchad en la imagen para ir a youtube 😉

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Happy B-Day Hugh!!

Cumple de Hugh Laurie!! Hay que celebrarlo!!

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Q2: Artificial & Computational Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (also known as AI) is the intelligence of
machines and the branch of comuter science that aims to
create it. Most of textbooks which talk about AI define it as
the study and design of intelligent agents“; where an intelligent
agent is a system that perceives the enviroment which is
around it and takes actions that maximize its chances of
success. Artificial Intelligence can be understood as a realization
of an abstract intelligent agent (AIA) wich exhibits the functional
essence of intelligence. Another definition of AI by John
McCarthy is “the science and engineering of making intelligent

AI research uses tools and insights from many fields, including,
for instance, computer science, psychology, linguistics, ontology,
economics or logic. Artificial Intelligence research also overlaps
with tasks such as robotics, control systems, logistics, speech or
facial recognition and many others. Among the other names
proposed for the field we have computational intelligence.

In fact, computational intelligence (aka CI) is a successor of
artificial intelligence. It combines elements of learning, adaptation,
evolution and Fuzzy logic to create programs which are, in some
sense, intelligent. CI research does not reject statistical methods,
but often gives a complementary view (that is the case of fuzzy
systems). Artificial neural networks is a branch of computational
intelligence that is closely related to machine learning. Computational
intelligence is further closely associated with soft computing,
connectionist systems and cybernetics.

Reference page

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Johnny’s B-Day!!

Cumpleaños de Johnny Depp!!!

Y aquí está Dolly para felicitarlo con todo el cariño del mundo ^^

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Haikus #1

el purgatorio

es más entretenido

que el paraíso


by Mario Benedetti

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One More Night

One more night, one more night
I’ve been trying ooh so long to let you know
Let you know how I feel
And if I stumble if I fall, just help me back
So I can make you see

Please give me one more night, give me one more night
One more night cos I can’t wait forever
Give me just one more night, oh just one more night
Oh one more night cos I can’t wait forever

I’ve been sitting here so long
Wasting time, just staring at the phone
And I was wondering should I call you
Then I thought maybe you’re not alone

Please give me one more night, give me just one more night
Oh one more night, cos I can’t wait forever
Please give me one more night, ooh just one more night
Oh one more night, cos I can’t wait forever
Give me one more night, give me just one more night
Ooh one more night, cos I can’t wait forever

Like a river to the sea
I will always be with you
And if you sail away
I will follow you

Give me one more night, give me just one more night
Oh one more night, cos I can’t wait forever
I know there’ll never be a time you’ll ever feel the same
And I know it’s only words
But if you change your mind you know that I’ll be here
And maybe we both can learn

Give me just one more night, give me just one more night
Ooh one more night, cos I can’t wait forever
Give me just one more night, give me just one more night
Ooh one more night, cos I can’t wait forever

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