Posteado por: dollyhaze | octubre 22, 2007

The House that Hugh Laurie Built…*

Oh God!
You know I love House MD, well… I have seen this news and an invisible force has pushed to me to publish it here *.*
Fans of House MD and Hugh Laurie… listen! (or… read : D )

Golden Globe award—winning actor Hugh Laurie and his critically acclaimed television show House are at the heart of this compelling biography. From his childhood struggles to live up to his Olympian father’s accomplishments and his Cambridge education to his comedic career with Emma Thompson and personal struggle with depression, Laurie¹s past and present are revealed in illuminating detail.


Not just a biography, this is a one-stop shop for all things House that features full episode guides and analyses, actor biographies, interviews with Canadian creator and executive producer David Shore, production bloopers, and medical mistakes that only a sleuth like Dr. House could expose.”

Details I know about the book:
->240 pages
->Unofficial biography of Hugh Laurie
->Available from Amazon since October 1, 2007
->Price: 12’21

I don’t know if the book will be translated to spanish; I hope that they do, and it will be soon… I want that book!! >.<



  1. Yo quiero el librooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!


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