Posteado por: dollyhaze | octubre 25, 2007


Oh I’m so excited!!

Tonitht on CuatrOº at 22:00 we’ll see House MD !!
Tough we can see the complete season until 2008, the first episode of Season Four will be emited this night and that is simply great!

This episode I’m talking about has as a tittle “Alone“. House’s team dissappeared at the end of third season and now Greg House has to resolve his case alone… Or that is the idea, ‘cause there are Cuddy, Wilson, even a janitor, to help him (although he says again and again that he don’t need a team).

I have one of the promos which appeared when this season began in USA, and some photos… Maybe you want to take a look.



Enjoy the episode!!!



  1. Por fin!!! el esperado capítulo de [H]ouse… hasta enero ya nada… bueno… siempre nos quedará la bíblia de las series muahaha!!! aaay xDDD
    Como molan los momentos House-Wilson, lo que los frikis o fans( que lo siento mucho, pero es un eufemismo de friki…) Hilson xDDD
    Pobre guitarra… me duele hasta a mi… bueno vale, esa guitarra no me chanaba, pero… es un gran modelo de guitarra y pobre… xDDD

    bueno… te quejaras de comentario… he dejado la fase de: “ta wapo” xDDDD



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