Posteado por: dollyhaze | febrero 8, 2008

Dolly Haze, Addison Montgomery o Lisa Cuddy? ^^


A veces me ocurre que me aburro en sobremanera… y me da por hacer tests sin sentido referentes a mis fandoms… Pues bien, ayer hice tres y os dejo aquí los resultados:

->Personaje femenino de Greys Anatomy (Test):

You may have messed up in the past, but now you’re starting over! You have trouble making friends because people know you as the “bad guy”, but you really are a caring, dedicated person!

->Personaje de House MD (Test):

Dr. Lisa Cuddy
YOu are a very caring person and have the capacity to deal with House and your own personal life. YOu are very smart and always atleast try to do wats right.

->Cual es mi historia en House MD? (Test):

Riley Ann House


Description: 5’11” black hair, kinda muscular, really smart, beautiful, steel blue eyes

Personality: kind, stands up for friends and family, tough, can be really angry if you tick her off

Profession: studying her last year at Princeton for her Ph.D, wants to be a professor there

What others think:

House: She’s my “daughter” but nothing more

Chase: very cute, too bad she’s with Wilson

Foreman: Cute, bit of a jerk though

Cameron: I really like her as a sister. She’s always there for me

Wilson: I love her so much. She can be a bit annoying though. I can’t believe that I fell in love with Riley

Cuddy: She could easily be a doctor here. Might get House in check.


You went to one of House’s lectures before his leg got ruined. you really liked it and decided to talk to him after the lecture, and eventually you two were talking about the past. That’s when you told him that your parents died in a car wreck. Suddenly his leg collapsed beneath him and he cried out in pain. He got to the hospital and said that since you were there for him that he would look out for you like a father would his daughter.
Then you met Wilson. You immediatly feel in love with him and after about ten years, you told him so. He was in love with you to, but you were skeptical about what would happen if House found out. SO far you’re relationship has been a secret.

Haced los tests!! A ver qué os sale 😉



  1. A mi me ha salido Dr. Wilson. Hubiera preferido que me hubiera salido House, pero el maldito test estaba en mi contra.

  2. Bueeeeno…Meredith y Cameron……..

    No entendia bien el test….ejem….

    O a lo mejor iba mal…



  3. -Aloxi: eres un maldito James Evan Wilson… no hay más XD de House no tienes ni las camisas (literalmente) XD

    -Andrea: Mer? Cam? dios santo… vaya par que te han salido… XD seguro que no entendiste bien el test… jeje

    Gracias por pasar!


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