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Q1:Definition of Human Language Technology

A natural language (or ordinary language) is a language that is spoken, written, or signed by humans for general purpose communication, as distinguished from formal languages (such as computer-programming languages or the “languages” used in the study of formal logic, especially mathematical logic) and from constructed languages. Though the exact definition is debatable, natural language is often contrasted with artificial or constructed languages such as Esperanto, Latino Sexione, and Occidental.

Language technology is a multidisciplinary field, which studies technical means and methods that can be used to process natural language with computers.

The capabilities of human language technology (HLT) have grown substantially in recent years, both in the research laboratory and in the commercial marketplace. There is now a wide range of applications for HLT systems such as automatic transcription of meetings, translation between languages (e.g. Arabic and English), automatic answering of questions, text mining (e.g. from the web) and access to information through spoken human-computer dialogue. Systems which use HLT are now in everyday use, through technologies such as internet search engines and mobile phones, and most major international computer and telecoms companies now engage in HLT research and development. As a result, there is strong demand for graduates with the highly-specialised multi-disciplinary skills that are required in HLT, both as practitioners in the development of HLT applications and as researchers into the advanced capabilities required for next-generation HLT systems.

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