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Q2: Computational Linguistics by H. Uszkoreit


That is an extract on what Hans Uszkoreit explain us about “Computational LInguistics” from:
“Computational linguistics (CL) is a discipline between linguistics and computer science which is concerned with the computational aspects of the human language faculty. It belongs to the cognitive sciences and overlaps with the field of artificial intelligence (AI), a branch of computer science aiming at computational models of human cognition. Computational linguistics has applied and theoretical components.
(…)Much older than communication problems between human beings and machines are those between people with different mother tongues. One of the original aims of applied computational linguistics has always been fully automatic translation between human languages. (…) Nevertheless computational linguists have created software systems that simplify the work of human translators and clearly improve their productivity. Less than perfect automatic translations can also be of great help to information seekers who have to search through large amounts of texts in foreign languages.The rapid growth of the Internet/WWW and the emergence of the information society poses exciting new challenges to language technology. The increasing multilinguality of the web constitutes an additional challenge for our discipline. The global web can only be mastered with the help of multilingual tools for indexing and navigating. Systems for crosslingual information and knowledge management will surmount language barriers for e-commerce, education and international cooperation.

We still do not know very well how people produce and comprehend language. (…) Our long term goal is the deep understanding of human language and powerful intelligent linguistic applications. However, even today’s language technologies full of clever short cuts and shallow processing techniques can be turned into badly needed software products.

For many students and practitioners of computational linguistics the special attraction of the discipline is the combination of expertise from the humanities, natural and behavioural sciences, and engineering. Scientific approaches and practical techniques come from linguistics, computer science, psychology, and mathematics. At some universities the subject is taught in computer science at others it belongs to linguistics or cognitive science. In addition there is a small but growing number of programs and departments dedicated solely to computational linguistics.”







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