Posteado por: dollyhaze | mayo 11, 2008

Entrevista a Lisa Edelstein

Lisa Edelstein Takes It All Off

Soon to be seen without the cleavage-obscuring top.  Or any top, for that matter.

Lisa Edelstein, who plays Dr. Cuddy on House, participated in a conference call today to answer press questions about the upcoming two-part season finale.  She complimented the “beautiful, complicated adult relationship” Cuddy and House have before launching into details about the first hour of the show, airing next Monday at 9.  We’ll get a look inside House’s head as he tries to piece together why he was on a bus that crashed, leaving him with an amnesia-giving brain injury.  And inside House’s head, there’s Cuddy—and a stripper pole.  Edelstein said she consulted with a choreographer who has worked on movies about strippers before and they put together a nice little number for the viewers to enjoy.  And while I very much doubt you’re going to see anything the FCC would frown upon, you should still see plenty of the body she does two hours of yoga work on a day.  When I asked if we would see a strip show from House if we were to go inside Cuddy’s head, she laughed and said Cuddy didn’t strike her as a “Chippendales girl,” which is good because House doesn’t strike me as a Chippendales guy.  Instead, Edelstein guessed that Cuddy would prefer something romantic, like House gently caressing her belly while they diagnosed cases together.  Something to look forward to in next season’s finale?

Oooooyyyy Si es que esta mujer es más Huddy que todas nosotras juntas!!!! Pero bueno, ella es Huddy porque eso supone Huli y, no nos engañemos, Lisa Edelstein es lo más Huli que existe!! Me encanta lo de “Cuddy preferiría algo más romántico…” No, cielo, la que quiere caricias de Hugh Laurie es Lisa Edelstein!! Como la adoro!! Huddy-Huli Queen!!!!!!!!!!  
La veremos enseñando ese cuerpazo que le ha dado dios? *babas, babas y más babas*



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