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Q2: Artificial & Computational Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (also known as AI) is the intelligence of
machines and the branch of comuter science that aims to
create it. Most of textbooks which talk about AI define it as
the study and design of intelligent agents“; where an intelligent
agent is a system that perceives the enviroment which is
around it and takes actions that maximize its chances of
success. Artificial Intelligence can be understood as a realization
of an abstract intelligent agent (AIA) wich exhibits the functional
essence of intelligence. Another definition of AI by John
McCarthy is “the science and engineering of making intelligent

AI research uses tools and insights from many fields, including,
for instance, computer science, psychology, linguistics, ontology,
economics or logic. Artificial Intelligence research also overlaps
with tasks such as robotics, control systems, logistics, speech or
facial recognition and many others. Among the other names
proposed for the field we have computational intelligence.

In fact, computational intelligence (aka CI) is a successor of
artificial intelligence. It combines elements of learning, adaptation,
evolution and Fuzzy logic to create programs which are, in some
sense, intelligent. CI research does not reject statistical methods,
but often gives a complementary view (that is the case of fuzzy
systems). Artificial neural networks is a branch of computational
intelligence that is closely related to machine learning. Computational
intelligence is further closely associated with soft computing,
connectionist systems and cybernetics.

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